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 12 days of Christmas sugar glider version

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12 days of Christmas sugar glider version Empty
PostSubject: 12 days of Christmas sugar glider version   12 days of Christmas sugar glider version EmptySun Dec 02, 2012 4:14 pm

new christmas game! it the 12 days of Christmas song but from the point of view of a sugar glider. so what would you give your glider?

use an adjective or verb and a noun
dont worry if it dont flow right with the rest of the song its just for fun.
only post one day(number)at a time
post once and if somebody doesnt post after a day then you can post again.
when we reach the 12th day start the song over and see what other things you can come up with or see if you can improve the song.

ill start

On the first day of Christmas my owner gave to me one spinning wheel.

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12 days of Christmas sugar glider version
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