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 Toy Tutorial - Simple Foraging Cups Toy

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Toy Tutorial - Simple Foraging Cups Toy Empty
PostSubject: Toy Tutorial - Simple Foraging Cups Toy   Toy Tutorial - Simple Foraging Cups Toy EmptyThu Aug 09, 2012 5:32 pm

Rchurch wrote:
Simple Foraging Cups Toy

Here is a one strand foraging cups toy:

Toy Tutorial - Simple Foraging Cups Toy 2012-03-18_09-29-34_95

You don't have to use Easter Egg cups but if you happen to have extra ones on hand, why not use them, right? You can use any kind of plastic cup there is, but here's a tip:

THE TRANSPARENT ONES crack a lot easier than the opaque ones, so just drill slowly when you do. (I recommend using size 1/Cool

So, drill...

Toy Tutorial - Simple Foraging Cups Toy 1

(I wear gloves here because I don't want to get poked and also to get a good grip on the Easter Eggs!)

...and set aside.

Take your C link, Rex lace (or other non-toxic craft lace), and clover bead (I call them that because they look like a clover leaf to me, no idea what they're really called)....

Toy Tutorial - Simple Foraging Cups Toy 2

...and cut off a strand of Rexlace, however long you want it to be and then some! (Better to have extra and not need it, than need it and end up cussing. XD) Tie a knot to the C link and take the shorter end of the Rexlace and cut the tip at a diagonal. You do this so that you can push the Rexlace through the clover bead. (It typically will not enter the hole of the clover bead otherwise, which is why I use the clover beads so much in my toys. Next, tie a tight knot at the end of the clover bead. Leave enough space at the end and cut FLAT ACROSS. This is to prevent unraveling. (Now, if you have chewers, you're on your own, but as the creator of this toy, you can always fix it, so no worries!)

Toy Tutorial - Simple Foraging Cups Toy 3

Now add beads to your liking. Like so:

Toy Tutorial - Simple Foraging Cups Toy 4

When you are happy with the way it looks, you can leave it as is. Just forget to use a clover bead, tie it in a knot and then cut it FLAT ACROSS again to tie it off.

Toy Tutorial - Simple Foraging Cups Toy 5

OR you can attach a (safe, non toxic bell) at the end, or a bracelet, like I did here:

Toy Tutorial - Simple Foraging Cups Toy 6

TA-DAH! The simpliest foraging toy you can make. And I really like these because they are space savers. You can put one in every corner of your cage, attach it to the loops of your pouches or hammocks, add it to an existing toy, your braided fleece rope--whatever the imagination allows!!!
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Toy Tutorial - Simple Foraging Cups Toy
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