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 Toy Tutorial - Basic Foraging Toy

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PostSubject: Toy Tutorial - Basic Foraging Toy   Toy Tutorial - Basic Foraging Toy EmptyThu Aug 09, 2012 5:30 pm

Basic Foraging Toy

Toy Tutorial - Basic Foraging Toy BasicForagingToy2

This foraging toy is super simple to make and most of the pieces can be found at the dollar store.

In order to make this toy you will need the following supplies:
2 Plastic Bowls
12 C Links
3 Braided Fleece Vines
Plastic Chain or another way to hang your toy

Start by drilling 3 holes along the top of each of the bowls. The holes need to be equal distance apart since these are what you will use to link your two bowls together and how you will hang them.

Create 3 chains of 4 C Links each. Link the bottom of each chain through the bottom bowl and the top through the top bowl. You want it to look like this -
Toy Tutorial - Basic Foraging Toy BasicForagingToy3

You can attach your fleece vines to the bottom C Links on the bottom bowl.

Attach plastic chain or additional C Links to the top C Links and hang in your glider cage. You can put fleece in the bowls and your gliders may use them to sleep in or just hang out. You can also put different treats in the bowls for them to find.

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Toy Tutorial - Basic Foraging Toy
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