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 Toy Tutorial - Braided Fleece Vine

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Toy Tutorial - Braided Fleece Vine Empty
PostSubject: Toy Tutorial - Braided Fleece Vine   Toy Tutorial - Braided Fleece Vine EmptyThu Aug 09, 2012 5:27 pm

Braided Fleece Vine

Toy Tutorial - Braided Fleece Vine BraidedFleeceVine

This is one of the easiest toys to make for your gliders because it requires no sewing. To make this vine you need 3 strips of fleece that are about 1 inch wide. They can be any length you would like them to be, but I recommend starting with a piece about 12 to 18 inches long until you get the hang of it. The important thing about this vine is making sure it is super tight so that it is safe for your suggies.

  1. Stack all 3 pieces of fleece one on top of the other in any order that you would like them to be in.
  2. Tie all 3 pieces together using a regular knot at the top of the strands. Make sure you pull your knot super tight. You can tie the knot around a clip if you would like or you can use a small piece of fleece folded in half to make a loop.
  3. Using the clip or loop that you created, attach the pieces of fleece to something that you can pull against as you braid. I use a large clip for my braids and slip the clip over my big toe and pull against my foot as I braid.
  4. Braid the 3 strips of fleece together, making sure to pull the fleece tight as you go. (If you need help with a basic braid you can see details here - Basic Three Strand Braid)
  5. When you get close to the end of your strands simply tie them in another knot. You can add another clip or loop to this end if you would like.

And there you have it, your basic braided vine. You can hang it across the cage like a bridge or hanging down like a real vine. However you hang it your suggies are sure to love it.

*You will know if your braid is tight enough if you have trouble sticking your pinky finger into the braid. If you can easily separate the braid or stick things in it the braid is too loose. Unbraid it and try again making sure to pull very tight as you are braiding.*
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Toy Tutorial - Braided Fleece Vine Empty
PostSubject: Re: Toy Tutorial - Braided Fleece Vine   Toy Tutorial - Braided Fleece Vine EmptyThu Aug 09, 2012 6:24 pm

I have found that slipping the loop over a furniture knob works well too.
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Toy Tutorial - Braided Fleece Vine
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