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 Tucson AZ sugar glider meet up

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PostSubject: Tucson AZ sugar glider meet up   Tucson AZ sugar glider meet up EmptyThu Jun 28, 2012 7:45 pm

We are trying to start a Sugar glider group here in Tucson. Do you own gliders? You thinking about buying some? Are you wanting more info about them? Even if you just want toknow what they are... Please join us for a fun day at the park. Bring your whole family! We are all working together to make sure owners and soon to be owners have the right info for the health and welfare of these great pets!

Tucson AZ sugar Glider Group/Meet up Sunday. July 15th 2012

This month discussion: Meet and Greet/ Sugar Glider talk.

When: Sunday. July 15th 2012

Where: 2009 W Waverly St. Tucson, AZ 85745

Time: 1:00PM --

Who: Anybody in Tucson, or surrounding areas.

Why: Glider Education, Meet people in your area that share the same passion for Gliders. Bring the whole family with you since we are all involed with caring for our gliders because they are part of our familys.

Activities: Food. We want to make these meeting as a pot luck lunch for us all to enjoy while we chat. If you want to help with food or drinks you can, but if you can't that's alright. If you decide you want to bring food, Please, write Erica or Leslie on what you bringing, so we don't end up with 4 people bringing the same thing.

Drinks- Water bottles, sodas, juices for kids.

Side note: Please, Do not bring your gliders to this gathering. Being outside with gliders can be risky. If one glider is sick it can pass the sickness, we don't want that. We also have access to a pool and a BBQ! So bring your bathing suits!!!

Come and join us, Can't wait to meet everybody!

Join our FB Page. Search "Tucson, AZ Sugar Glider Group"!/groups/341766099226301/
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Tucson AZ sugar glider meet up
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