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 SGAA Chat Bot/ Game suggestion!

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SGAA Chat Bot/ Game suggestion! Empty
PostSubject: SGAA Chat Bot/ Game suggestion!   SGAA Chat Bot/ Game suggestion! EmptyWed Jun 27, 2012 10:35 am

Back to working on the bots and the games for the chat room.

What games would you like to see??
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SGAA Chat Bot/ Game suggestion! Empty
PostSubject: Re: SGAA Chat Bot/ Game suggestion!   SGAA Chat Bot/ Game suggestion! EmptyWed Jun 27, 2012 2:54 pm

use the links i give to look at game scrips. if i dont put a description with it just copy and paste the name in the search bar in the link. if you like one that i list put it in your post so pixie knows which ones people really really want. im just listing some that look neat.
Bomb Squad
High Low
Magic 8ball
Russian Roulette
Who Said It?
other fun random silly things
Random Topic
Murphy's Laws
Batman Quotes
Add a Lie
alice.tcl -Will turn your bot into an artificially intelligent chatterbot.
allyourbase.tcl -Makes the bot respond to "all your base..." sentences.
Bartender.tcl -Bartender script with mixed drinks, shots, beer, wine and some food.
BotTalker -Makes the bot respond when it is talked to on the channel.
bunny.tcl - Makes an ascii bunny with text.
Decide -Allows the bot to randomly decide between options presented to it.
Delivery -If you've seen scripts that let you send a rose or heart to people, then ya know what this one does. Only this one lets ya send more, and easily and quickly add your own. At the moment it supports delivery of a Rose, Heart, Teddy_Bear, Cat, Peek-A-Boo, Tigger, Rubber Duckie, Birthday Cake, etc.
egg-fu -Makes the bot learn whatever people say in your channel and configurable so one person can teach the bot new things. Based on infobot.
there are other learning bots just need to decide on one
Flame -Flame other people in you channel with !flame $nick. Insults can be adjusted in the insults.txt file.
Insult -Hurls bad insults at yourself or others when triggered.
Jokes.tcl -Pulls a random joke from a file and spits it out in channel
respond.tcl -Makes the bot respond to specified words said in the channel.
Sloganizer -Based on the sloganizer website ( You give it a word/words with !slogan , and it adds that word/words to a slogan picked at random from a database of 171 slogans, then outputs it to the channel.
Smiling -Makes the bot respond to smileys.

EggLearn -Allows you to manage (add, remove, search and modify) a database of definitions
TheHelper -A simple TCL for doing quick and easy FAQ type help files for a channel. Ideal for help channels or anyone sick of answering the same stuff over and over again.

thats all i have right now. i just looked through the list quickly so i might have missed some other neat ones.
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SGAA Chat Bot/ Game suggestion!
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