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 Diet: Raw Variety

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PostSubject: Diet: Raw Variety   Diet: Raw Variety EmptyFri Apr 06, 2012 9:30 pm

Disclaimer- this diet is still in review and is not recommended unless you feed confident in your ability to handle raw meats and prepare a balanced diet with the correct ratios. Please contact the diet creator (khigh) for more information.

The main reason for this diet was because the creator wanted something that closely mimicked the natural flora and fauna found in a typical wild glider diet. The needs of a captive bred sugar glider, according to the diet creator based on extensive research in digestive tract evolution, is the same as that of a wild sugar glider.

There is no specific recipe for this diet. The main thing to remember is that VARIETY IS KEY. Raw meats are fed along raw fruits, raw vegetables, flowers, goat's milk, and naturally occurring gum based sugars. Chicken, eggs, goat, and lamb are acquired at local farms (which the diet creator feels is important to ensure bacteria is kept to a minimum). Fruits and veggies are bought at local farmer's markets, but if proper washing techniques are used, grocery store fruits and vegetables should be fine.

Goat's milk is considered in natural/homeopathic schools of medical thought to be a complete food. It is balanced in all forms of vitamins and minerals and is used in this diet to aid in the digestion of complex proteins and carbohydrates to better utilize the nutrients found in such foods without the requirement of the glider's digestive tract to work overtime to get the most out of every food.

Flowers and naturally occurring sugars (nectars) are used because it is a large component of a wild glider diet. They have a cecum to ferment said nectars into a usable balance of nutrients.

I will be posting various articles supporting a raw based natural diet as I come across them in my files.

To be continued...
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PostSubject: Re: Diet: Raw Variety   Diet: Raw Variety EmptyWed Apr 18, 2012 3:06 am

Wow I love the idea! It is something you can do if you farm! Everything you need for this diet can be raised on a farm. I will be watching for updates on this diet because I am in the process of starting a farm.
Can't wait for more info!

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Diet: Raw Variety
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