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 How To Turn a Vet Into A Glider Vet

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How To Turn a Vet Into A Glider Vet Empty
PostSubject: How To Turn a Vet Into A Glider Vet   How To Turn a Vet Into A Glider Vet EmptyFri May 18, 2012 1:09 pm

Many times people say they cant or dont bring their gliders to the vet because they dont have one around them or its an hour or 3 hours away. Most of these times its during an emergency when they need to get their glider to the vet. Any vet that is willing to learn can potentially care for gliders. Not only will this help you out but it will help other glider owners to have another vet that has correct info. this thread will help owners turn a normal/exotic vet into a sugar glider vet. I will be adding more to this as i think of stuff but if you know of any helpful info or advice to add just post it. How To Turn a Vet Into A Glider Vet 2557410910

First just call around and talk to vets in your area to discuss with them about seeing gliders.

INFO Sources
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Vet Consult Numbers
veterinarians who will consult with other veterinarians* about treatment of sugar gliders:

Dr.Tim Tristan
OSO Creek Animal Hospital

Dr. Bradley Walsh
Village Vet Animal Clinic/All Creatures Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Andrew Grzanowski
Canton Center Animal Hospital

Dr. Kate Zimmerman
TriCounty Animal Hospital
(has 24hr emergency contact info on her office answering machine)

Dr. Teresa Bradley
Belton Animal Clinic
She is willing to consult with other vets, but will only do so during clinic hours which are:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 8 am to 11 pm
Tuesday, Thursday: 7 am to 11 pm
Saturday: 8 am to 1 pm then 6pm to 11pm

Dr. Kristen West
Mandel Veterinary Hospital

*Please note, do NOT call these vets yourself - they can not dispense medical advice to an owner over the phone, only to other veterinarians.
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How To Turn a Vet Into A Glider Vet
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