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 Breeders/Vendors to Avoid

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Breeders/Vendors to Avoid Empty
PostSubject: Breeders/Vendors to Avoid   Breeders/Vendors to Avoid EmptyWed May 16, 2012 6:26 pm

This is a list of known mills, essentially. People breeding tons of animals, often hundreds, in terrible conditions. They're essentially mills and best avoided at all costs. There is no way to know what problems or illnesses their animals carry.

Bear Creek Chinchillas/Vickers Farms - Located in SC.
  • Their animals are kept in terrible conditions, possibly outdoors, near rabbits and chins. (Rabbits can pass illnesses to gliders and chins.) The breeding adults are terribly stained and have horrible looking coats. They accept 'unwanted' pets and turn around and breed them. They also sell young animals well before a typical wean date. They severely over charge for their 'starter' cage which is typically accepted as a good size for a HOSPITAL cage and nothing more. They're breeding easily hundreds of animals between the gliders, chins and rabbits. "Jason H Vickers i breed them i have over 100 pairs of them. - March 1 at 8:46am"

Custom Cage Works - Located in Terrell, TX.

Even Keel Exotics - Located in Temperance, MI.
  • Petition Info.
    In 2010 he received 7 violations, mainly for sugar gliders, including: not following a veterinarian approved diet for sugar gliders (2.40) not having regular veterinarian care for his animals (2.40) inadequate/inaccurate records of transactions for more than 246 animals (2.75) incorrect handling of animals resulting in 206 sugar glider deaths (2.131) space requirement violation for male sugar glider (1'x1'x1.5' enclosures) (3.128) poor sanitation (3.131) improper care in transit (3.140).

Flying Fur Ranch - Located in Pearland, TX.

Helen's Little Critters - Located in San Antonio, TX.

Mississippi Rebel Glider Ranch - Located in Potts Camp, MS.

Perfect Pocket Pets - Based out of Florida but they travel all over the US and sell in local malls.

S&S Exotics - Located in Houston, TX.
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Breeders/Vendors to Avoid
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