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 VE Glider Gear - Review

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How were your experiences with VE? (Please post and leave a review, too!)
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Not awesome.
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PostSubject: VE Glider Gear - Review   VE Glider Gear - Review EmptyThu May 10, 2012 6:32 pm

Name of business: VE Glider Gear
Type of business: Fleece Stuff/Cage Sets
Opinion: Good!

I've gotten a full cage set from VE Glider Gear so far, multiple hammocks, pouches, bridges, cubes and a raindrop, too!

From what I could tell they're all sewn incredibly well. No unsafe seams, stitch types or exposed anything. She truly has the gliders safety in mind. I've also washed this set in the washer AND dryer multiple times and it's held up amazingly! Some sets start to fall apart or the fleece will thin but I've seen no sign of this with the one I got from VE Glider Gear. I'm in love with it.. Very Happy As soon as I can afford it I plan to order more!

VE Glider Gear - Review 562821_436509213029551_112688905411585_1867684_1370079005_n
VE Glider Gear - Review 522280_436509166362889_112688905411585_1867683_1928634908_n


If you too would like to leave a review for the same vendor you're welcome to use the same format.

Just copy this and paste to your reply and make sure to remove one word or the other, good or bad.

And then be sure to post a little about your experience or perhaps share some photos of the products you received. Very Happy

[b]Opinion:[/b] [color=blue][b]Good![/b][/color] - or - [color=red][b]Bad![/b][/color]

It will look like this, but be sure to remove whichever word you want based on the review you leave!

Opinion: Good! - or - Bad!

VE Glider Gear - Review Suggiez VE Glider Gear - Review Ambsig VE Glider Gear - Review Bra_baby_stamp_by_kozinu-d4ehj71
VE Glider Gear - Review Kgemail
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PostSubject: Re: VE Glider Gear - Review   VE Glider Gear - Review EmptyThu May 10, 2012 10:24 pm

I ordered a bonding pouch from her...will review when I get it!
that set you got is gorgeous!
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VE Glider Gear - Review
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