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 Canada glider Scam!

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Canada glider Scam! Empty
PostSubject: Canada glider Scam!   Canada glider Scam! EmptyMon May 07, 2012 12:43 pm

add in canada where im from... and some emails fallowing.
This CLEARLY is a scam...

Date: Mon, 7 May 2012 00:57:56 -0700

Hello and welcome.
Do you want a quality sugar gliders joeys to add to your family? You've come to the right place. Adopt a glider from us and you will get a loving and smart joeys to share your life, it will fill your home with years of happiness.
We are USDA licensed Sugar Glider breeders From Alabama but now in Cameroon. We not only sell them, we help you by providing information to keep your Sugar Glider happy and healthy. Veterinarians list by state. These wonderful animals are very happy to spend their day in your shirt or coat pocket, or in a bonding pouch hanging around your neck.
Our joeys are 9 months to 5 years and above,all i want for these joeys is a good home where they can be well taking care of and will stay healthy all day.
We are located in the Cameroon where the joeys will be coming from,so they will be transported to you and will be delivered directly to your house.
hope you will not mind if we asked you some few questions.
where you located?
have you ever own a glider before?
how many are you after?
what sex do you want?
can you give you phone number so that we can call you?
So if you can take very good care of the both joeys then i am going to give them .Their price ranges from $150 to $200 depending on the type and number you want

If you can afford to take just one of the joeys then is still will be ok by me,just let me know All i want for these joeys is the best of a home so if you think you have all the qualities of keeping a gliders then you get back to us with the names of the ones you want.

--- On Mon, 5/7/12, ciera k wrote:

From: ciera k
Date: Monday, May 7, 2012, 8:43 AM

alberta canada, i own several gliders right now and i rescue. sex does not matter as im not in it for breeding. If you are from cameroon i would prefer not to call.
how can i make sure of what im buying ? i cannot just trust that your parents and joeys are in good shape..


Hi dear,
Thanks for the email. Everything sounds well to me and nice reading from you. All i want is a lovely home that can raise the GLIDERS with all the love and care they need and since you have promise a good home for my gliders i will be very happy to allow you adopt any of my gliders. .
PEANUT is a girl , and DONATELLO is a boy
They are 18 CM IN length and will be the size of a GERBIL when fully mature.
They will come with all their health papers or shots.
As i earlier told you,we are presently located in Yaounde( CAMEROON) which is a 8 to 9 hours direct flight to your area .

AS i told you before i am not selling my gliders. My family loves them so much and we don't want them to ever suffer. that is why we decided to give them out as Gift or free adoption to nice and caring homes only. just for you to know how much my family loves them, i will pay for the shipping fee and delivery fee of them to your home. This money we are willing to pay is a huge sacrifice to me as we are a small family and do not have enough income.
Because you have assured me you will care for them like your own children, my husband is very happy to hear u have promised a good home that will love our babies.

So if you have understood me very well email me your full address so that i can take the gliders to the airport and register them for delivery to your home.

Full names....................?
House address............?
Phone number...............?
Airport Address...............?

This information will be used strictly to deliver the gliders to you.
Please get back to me as soon as you can so that we can proceed.
It really hurts to let them go but we have to for their own good.
Thanks and email me back as soon as possible.
"gliders don't care how much you know.....
But they know how much you care.
God Bless you.

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Canada glider Scam! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Canada glider Scam!   Canada glider Scam! EmptyMon Jun 11, 2012 1:52 pm

Wow, that just sounds extremely off...
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Canada glider Scam!
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