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A place to get real information about Sugar Gliders without the Sugar Coating.
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 Crafty Sugar Gliders

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PostSubject: Crafty Sugar Gliders   Crafty Sugar Gliders EmptySat Apr 21, 2012 10:13 pm

I wanted to share that I'm starting a sugar glider blog. On it I'm putting information about sugar gliders & the bonding journey with my personal gliders; I'm putting new info on it everyday or two.
I figured a blog was another way to get info out there Smile
If ya'll would like to go look (& follow) it's Though honestly I'm not 100% on the name yet lol.

I put the FREE GIVEAWAY information on the blog. To follow go the the right hand side of the screen you will see some gray/black bars. If you put your cursor on it they will pop out-the second one is followers. There is a button that says "Join this site", when you click it a pop-up shows with the option to sign in using google, twitter, yahoo, AIM, netlog, and OpenID. Click whichever one and enter your information. It when then open ?a popup? that says follow blog (option of publicly or privatley or more options). Pick whichever you like then press follow blog. It will then have "Invite friends", "View blogger dash board", or "done". Some have had problems following-if you have trouble give me your email and I will invite you.
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Crafty Sugar Gliders
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