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PostSubject: Introduction   Mon Apr 16, 2012 9:02 pm

Hey my name is Jessica. I work 2nd shift full time in a factory. I have a female cat named Pricilla, a male cat named Punk, a female sugar glider named Dixie, a male sugar glider named Chopper, and a left behind male crown tail betta named Prince. My animals are my world I have loved animals since I can remember. I was the girl the strays always followed home. I grew up with dogs mostly. I am new to owning sugar gliders. I wanted one 3 years ago when a girl told me about them. I read about them every chance I got to get some research on them before ever owning one because they looked difficult to own. I found a breeder in November that was as close as I could find and she told me she had a white faced female that was the last of the litter and was over due one being sold. I have a heart and I could have waited on a baby but I wouldn't want to be the last one to be sold. I bought her in December she was 4 or 5 months. Dixie has been soo fun bonding with her crabbing and biting at first scared me but now I can reach right in there and not be scared. I have came home from work every night and worked with her. Some days I felt like giving up because she constantly crabbed at me and nipped at me. Now that I can see the process I have made bonding with her it has totally been worth every bit of it. You would think owning cats it would be very dangerous but my cats mind me pretty well and Punk actually lets me know when they are awake and as soon as Dixie starts barking for attention Punk runs to check on her then comes to me to let me know she needs me. Kind of weird but it's very cool. He runs from her when she is out LOL. I never have her out and trust the cats to get close at all. I still understand they look like a mouse to them and could easily do some damage. Now I am working on bonding with chopper the guy told me he was 85 days old and he wasn't tame at all. I opened the pouch when he handed him to me and Chopper is fully grown and I doubt the guy knew how to even take care of him. He sent no food the water bottle in his cage was empty and the cage was a mess. Chopper bit me the first day. And the wheel they have for him was zip tied to the cage and was a regular hamster wheel. I have already ordered Chopper a new wodent wheel, new pouches, and treats. My Dad and I are about to build a huge cage for the both of them I am so excited!
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